Parliament CEO to Chicago Mayor: Data Analytics is “Perfect Opportunity” to Solve Social Problems

Every city has its social challenges in need of addressing; Parliament’s hometown of Chicago is no exception—a function of its size and particularly unique dynamics.

But within that challenge lies a clear opportunity. So says our CEO Paul Sznewajs in a recent Chicago Sun-Times Op-Ed, as he shares some fresh perspectives on how the power of data + taking a cue from the private sector can facilitate how an entire city tackles these issues head on—and why now is the time to take the lead.

The piece—aptly titled, “Chicago has plenty of social problems. Data analysis is the way to solve them.” —highlights the tangible benefits of using data to make informed, effective decisions based on empirical evidence and statistical trends. While Parliament helps organizations throughout the country, Chicago in particular is primed to experience better social progress through better data, as you’ll see from the perspective of Paul and his larger team.

We encourage you to take a moment and read what’s possible, and please reach out if you or your organization are interested in learning how Parliament can leverage data to increase your impact for social good.

Read the article here:


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