A suite of digital products to collect & visualize your sets of data.



Our data platforms allow you to see and understand the landscape in ways previously unattainable—which has a transformational impact on strategy, goal setting, public communication and coordination, trend & progress analysis, and more. 

Our Products

Parliament creates Collective Intelligence Platforms (CIPs) – software solutions that harness and aggregate previously disparate data into a hub where we help clients interpret it to address complex social challenges.

Whether using our asset mapping and tracking tools, our online professional forum software, or others, our CIPs build a bridge between the communities you serve, the issues you address, and the data you need.  We help clients develop and hone effective strategies for systems change.  

Parliament is the premier CIP provider, with our platforms currently used by thousands of members alongside a wide array of government agencies, funders and nonprofits nationally, each leading collective impact initiatives for their organization’s community. 

Whether your organization needs one solution or the entire collection, we have products custom tailored for the collection, visualization, and analysis of aggregated datasets for your issue. 

Interested in learning more about our data platforms? We’d love to give you a virtual tour and demonstrate their capabilities. Get in touch today. 

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