Leveraging your data is how you tell that story.

Parliament helps your school district drive tangible, positive outcomes through the power of data.

The difference that Parliament has made in helping our efforts to secure out of school time equity for Texas youth has been revelatory, tangible, and immediate.”

TXPOST, Austin-based Nonprofit Education Intermediary

If you:

  • Don’t have useful data to track outcomes
  • Do your best to make effective decisions based on assumptions
  • Simply aren’t as informed as you’d like to be

Or you:

  • Use numerous major software platforms each with their own data sets
  • None of which talk to one another
  • Or have ever been consolidated in one place

Parliament centralizes the data you have, gathers what you need, and turns it into compelling data insights so you can make better decisions.

How you set your district’s annual strategies and priorities matters.

How you measure progress on those priorities matters more.

That’s where Parliament comes in.

We are the nationwide leader in providing asset mapping software solutions to school districts across the country.

Our decades of experience helping education leaders leverage data to measure progress, make better decisions, and tell your story to funders, policymakers, your board, your team — and most importantly, your community.

Ready to chat with one of our data specialists? Click here to get in touch.

Ready to chat with one of our data specialists? Click here to get in touch.

We simplify your data strategy by understanding:

  • The right data to evaluate
  • The data you have
  • The data you need
  • Where to harvest that data
  • And what to do with it

So you can:

  • Measure and track your goals through data
  • Set a data-driven annual strategy for your district
  • Close funding, staff, and resource gaps
  • Develop a culture of curiosity about data
  • Compare outcomes to school districts nationally

Where We Help

Literacy | Mental Health | Arts & Cultural Learning | Out of School Time | Nutrition Special Education | College Attendance & Attainment | STEM | Early Childhood | Tutoring & Mentoring Teaching & Learning | Teacher Tenure | Distance Learning | Digital Access | Test Scores

Who Benefits

Schools | School Districts | School District Leadership and Decision Makers | School Principals and Staff Teachers | Educators | Mental Health Professionals | Philanthropic Funders | External Funders | Donors Parents | Neighborhoods | Underserved Communities | Hiring Entities

And, most importantly, students and their families.

Curious what data insights will drive your organization to succeed? Contact our team to discuss building a strategy today.

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